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A coalition of concerned citizens, both directly and indirectly affected by the proposed Fargo Dam
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In April of 2011, people living upstream of the proposed Fargo Dam came together to voice their concerns and formed the “MnDak Upstream Coalition.”  The proposed Fargo Dam includes diverting water around the City of Fargo, and holding it back to minimize downstream effects.  People living upstream of the dam could see as much as eight feet of water held back on their property to protect Fargo.  We believe that the upstream effects of the dam have not been studied sufficiently, and would have a much greater negative effect than estimated by the Army Corps of Engineers.

Since our formation, we have lobbied the County Commissioners in Wilkin and Richland Counties, as well as making several trips to Bismarck to meet with legislators and Governor Dalrymple’s staff.  

The MnDak Upstream Coalition has also hired a law firm with extensive practice in water, flood control, and environmental law in Minnesota known as the  Rinke-Noonan Law Firm of St. Cloud to represent us and our concerns.  Rinke-Noonan is recognized regionally as a leading law firm in the important areas that this project involves.  They have successfully litigated against the Army Corps of Engineers in Federal Court, as well as stopping major projects in the Courts of Appeals and the Minnesota Supreme Court.  They also have extensive experience in both Minnesota and North Dakota in both water litigation and problem solving in areas of water, water regulatory issues, and eminent domain.

Please look around our website for information on what you can do, what our position is, and links to other groups with similar interests.  Use the “Contact Us” link to send us any comments, concerns, or questions that you may have.  Obviously, this action comes at a large monetary cost  so donations are greatly appreciated, please click on the “Donation” tab above for more information on donating.


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